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Some Publications and Presentations done by Board Members

  • Medina, Imelda.  Protecting Health and Saving Lives through Rotary Fellowship.  Rotary Service Blog.  December 2021.  Article available HERE  


  • Imelda Mercedes Medina, MD MPH, President of Familias Unidas International, Inc.  The Importance of People Centered Care to address Childhood Obesity in Miami Dade County (MDC).  Publication done in the FL Department of Health in Miami Dade County's November 2020 Newsletter.  Available HERE 


  • Imelda Mercedes Medina, MD, MPH et al.  Rotaractors from Nicaragua upholding children’s rights amidst COVID-19 pandemic.  Rotary Service Blog.  April 2nd, 2020  Article available HERE 


  • Imelda Mercedes Medina, MD, MPH  Putting people at the center of care.  Rotary Service Blog.  January 21nd, 2020  Article available HERE  

Imelda Medina, MD MPH

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